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We Are
The OMT Foundation

We were blessed to be inspired by our Selfless Matriarch

About the Foundation

Oyindamola Morenikeji Thomas was a woman filled with life and love. She lived her life to share this gift of life, love, and laughter with everyone she came across, no matter the person's station. She would always give her last Kobo or Cent to someone in need, no matter the price. She lived her life as a Selfless Matriarch, as a mother to many, a human being to all, and a colorful ball of energy to the starts. We've created this foundation to make sure we inspire the world, the way she inspired us. She will never be forgotten.​

The OMT Foundation is on a mission to provide thousands of students, families, and people with dreams the ability to reach for those dreams. We admire those who work hard and are willing to reach for their future now. From humble beginnings we will grow to support thousands in Nigeria and Africa with financial aid, mentorship and other forms of support to realize their goals. Welcome to the OMT Foundation


We have an amazing Board led by our Chairman, Engr. Dada Thomas who has led multi billion dollar oil and gas projects and SAN Wale Adesokan among other team members. We're ready to change lives. Are you? 

The Hard Truth


11 million Nigerians between the age of 5-14 are not in school


Of Nigerians are enrolled in university


of Nigerians are unemployed

Annual Report

Coming Soon

Download Our Annual Report - Coming Soon
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